Azalea is a witch who mostly spends her days living on the outskirts of a small village honing her magic abilities and helping out whoever happens to drop by. One day, she receives an intriguing request for aid from a faraway kingdom. Enticed by the promise of a large reward and chance to use her skills, the witch leaves her quiet life behind to see what awaits her in the big city.

Once she gets there, she’s told of the kingdom’s plight: for more than a century, the citizens of the kingdom have been terrorized by a malicious demon who’s caused countless deaths. This monster lives in the deep, maze-like forest just outside the city and though many have tried to take the demon down, none have succeeded in the task. Azalea is told that if she can rid the kingdom of this terrible demon, she will be given a reward beyond her wildest dreams.

While many a dashing hero might take this explanation at face value and set off to defeat the demon at once, our heroine is the skeptical sort. Being a witch, she is no stranger to prejudice and hatred from people who are afraid of what they don’t understand. She wonders if there might be another explanation, if there’s more to the story than what she’s been told. While it’s definitely true that many, many people in the kingdom have been killed by this demon, when the witch ventures into the forest, she finds others living there—humans who haven’t been killed by the demon despite living in the heart of his territory. These forest-dwellers feel that they’ve been wronged by the kingdom or those living in it, but with all these contradicting points of view, whose stories should our heroine believe? What is the truth?

At this point, the witch has a choice: does she stay in the city and fight off the demon to save the citizens or does she band together with the group of misfits living in the forest—a group that includes the demon himself?